Search engine optimization expert

Evergreen four critical Factors of Search engine optimization experts for better SEO

SEO is the short form of search engine optimization and there are thousands of bloggers and webmasters want to know more about the SEO but be honest there is no clear conception for SEO.  A hidden algorithm is used by the major search engine to index or de-index the websites or blogs.Actually, I am not a SEO expert but I have been successful in my mission either own blogs or websites. I had used to invest a considerable amount of time reading up on it when I started blogging. And I never do anything part way. So how good is the search engine optimization on my blog ?

Search engine optimization expert

You can easily measure my impact in Google or yahoo by searching ‘Perfect BloggersTech’ or ‘perfect blogging technology’ and see what you have got there. Maximum number of bloggers and webmasters claim that as they are SEO expert, I don’t want to conflict with them as how much they know about seo !! Just I want to discuss the seo opportunities.There are many career opportunities in the field of search engine marketing, with SEO being just a subset of that, and then there are many areas of specialization within SEO itself. There are many people who make full careers by specializing in any of the following via SEO :

Search engine optimization experts :

1. Pay-Per-Click advertising :-

Covers creating compelling search advertising in Google and Bing which also includes Yahoo, display network advertising, affiliate advertising, and much more

2. Social Media Marketing:-

Covers creating fresh, compelling content and drawing followers and the ultimate goal, sales via many online venues, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, FourSquare, Pinterest, and many more

3. Search Engine Optimization:-

Search engine optimization or SEO is the highest talked topics in internet ,so we are trying to understand about seo steps those are given bellow-

i. Local search:-

covers getting business profiles created in the major search engines, mapping sites, major search directories for business, niche industry directory sites, local media sites, and more.

ii. On-page :-

Covers an examination of all the on-page elements that affect how efficiently and effectively the search engine crawler consumes and interprets the content of a website.

iii. Analytics:-

Covers analyzing tracking and referrer data of website visitors and creating reports to identify the user population demographics and their behavior on a site.

iv. Mobile :-

Covers all things related to search on mobile devices, including the use of dedicated mobile sites and mobile interfaces like Apple’s Siri

v.Content development :-

Covers writers of webpage content, social media messaging, and even blog posts.

vi. Link building :-

Covers the process of getting links from external websites to point to a target site.

vii. Keyword development :-

Identifies the keywords and phrases to be used by websites to earn relevance to a targeted topic in search.

viii. Reputation management:-

Covers the task of maintaining the overall goodwill shown toward an individual or a company or mitigating the damage incurred by the same due to a public relations disaster.

4. Measuring your progress:-

Google Analytics is the best place to watch your blog presence grow. You can see what keywords are helping people find your blog with. You can also see where your traffic is coming from (both physical source as well as blog url’s). Google has set up a self paced course at Conversion University. Use a monitoring tool like Techrigy SM2 to analyze conversations around your brand & industry to analyze the author tags to identify the best keywords to use.

Conclusion :-

These are my own experience based points and I am sure these will work for you .If you dis agree with any one of points then don’t hesitate to attack me with your comments bellow.I am ready to bear your bombshell.