Recovering your website from an unnatural link penalty by Google

Did you recently experience a sudden drop in traffic to your website? Are you being answerable to your boss about the change in the number of people clicking on your website? If answered yes, you’ve probably been hit by an unnatural links penalty. What is the way in which you may know the actual reason behind the drop in traffic? This is possible through checking for a message  in your Google Webmaster Tool’s profile. If you check your inbox, you will see that you have been notified about being affected by a Google penalty. In case you still haven’t got a message and yet believe that your website has been affected by a Google penalty, you can check by sending a request for reconsideration to Google. As Google responds, you will come to know the reality behind the plummeting traffic to your website.

Google Penalty

Recognizing and identifying the spammy links

Now that you know what has happened to your website, it’s time to get lethal and start working towards removing all the bad links which has been built by you and your SEO company. Initially, you require creating a spreadsheet of the links that are pointing to your website and therefore they can be used to identify and remove those links.  Once you get the URLs of the websites from which the links are coming, you can easily start working towards removing them.

Although there are no such particular bad links or good links, but the experts usually recommend the website owners to remove the “no follow” links as they don’t pass any kind of authority to your website. If the websites don’t offer anything that your company is dealing with, this is most likely going to be seen as spam in the eyes of Google. You should be careful that you don’t remove any high profile no-follow links as the local authorities, newspapers and magazines might have already listed on their website somewhere. Even though they might be no-follow links, Google will know that this well-known website has listed you.

Next, it’s time to filter all the “follow” links and pay extra attention to the article websites and blogs as this is most likely the biggest cause behind the unnatural links penalty. If you’ve used any black hat SEO techniques, you will certainly be penalized for it. There were a large number of blog spam and article spinning backlinks that have been created.

Requesting the removal of the links

Now that you’ve got a long list of the links that you have to remove from your website, you require contacting each webmaster and request them to get the links removed. Yes this can certainly be a gruesome process but this is worth doing as Google will certainly appreciate the extra work that you will do to naturally remove the spammy links to your website.  You can even create a generic email and send it to every webmaster. While you visit each website to find the email address, take a look at the content and make a quick decision as to whether or not the website is still active. After sending the email, give them some time to remove it and send you back the notification.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about how to recover your site after unnatural link penalty, you can take into account the above mentioned points and increase your traffic.

Author Bio: G. Adams is a financial writer and contributes his articles to different blogs and websites. He is associated with several finance communities as a Guest author and forum member.

search eninge optimization

SEO web-design: Use these tips for a high-flying online portal

To make it big online, your website must be designed as per the best search engine optimization (SEO) practices followed the world over. This is essential because a website that isn’t search engine-friendly might never be visited by the people and hence, no return on investment (ROI). search eninge optimization

Tips to build an SEO-friendly website

Here are some of the elementary principles that you may take advantage of as part of the solution for an optimized web-design:

  • Use scripts outside the HTML document – At the time of coding for your website, ensure that all the JavaScript and the CSS codes are placed outside of the HTML document. Basically, search engines consider and rank a website according to the content placed in the HTML document.Both JavaScript and CSS may delay the search engine bots from crawling your website since they are usually placed ahead of the actual HTML-based content. In reality, crawlers like to get unhindered access to the actual content and so, make sure this condition of theirs is fulfilled to the maximum possible extent.
  • Set-up an SEO-friendly website navigation – If you use Flash for navigational purpose in your website and don’t have the requisite knowledge or expertise to make that accessible as well as web-crawler friendly, then that could spell trouble for your website. The fact is that search engine bots face immense difficulty in trying to parse or index the content of any Flash-based websites and the same would hold true for yours as well.If you’re so adamant to get those fancy effects in your web-portal, then instead of using Flash so profusely, you may opt for some other better web-development languages like JavaScript and CSS, without risking your search engine rankings in return.
  • Design SEO-compliant URLs – Another best SEO practice is to have URLs that are user-friendly as well as search engine-friendly that aren’t difficult for the bots to crawl, take for instance, query strings. The most suitable URLs are those that contain the relevant keywords that best describes that content in it.However, you need to steer clear of some content management systems (CMSs) that generate URLs with numbers and special codes for the web-pages. Any suitable CMS would enable you to modify as well as beautify your website’s Uniform Resource Locators (URLs).
  • Use easily indexable content – As far as website content is concerned, it is of great importance to have the best possible content on your online portal. It is the lifeblood of any website and the staple food for the search engine bots.

So, while designing your website, make every effort to have a proper, functional structure to put up the content on your website such as headings, paragraphs, links and so on. Actually, website with minimal content are found to face a lot of hurdle to come up or even show up in the search results. Most of the time, this kind of helplessness could be avoided by having a proper plan for the content to incorporate during the initial stages of designing the website. Author Bio: G. Adams is a financial writer and contributes his articles to different blogs and websites. He is associated with several finance communities as a Guest author and forum member.



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