SEO Guidelines for Developers


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It is hard to ignore SEO if you have a website online, because it acts as the main source which brings success and the much needed recognition to your business. And equally important is the appearance of your site to the customer and to the search engine. The hard work that a web developer puts in plays a key role in deciding the success and failure of any campaign. Developing a site is an art which needs much attention. Hiding and cloaking words, using the same type of text throughout, using the same color and so on portrays that the developer is poor at designing. A lot of creativity is expected from the designers. Let us take a look at some of the guidelines that will help you in developing:

  •   The fact is that, most of your visitors are directed by search engines. So, it is highly important to give them the most priority in every single field. If you are designing something that is going to go live on search engines, you need to think twice if the search engines will approve of it. Imagine search engines like any other customer and think how spiders will react to changes that are made to your site. Make changes so that positive things happen.
  • You might ask me, what does the speed of a site have to do with SEO? When you give it a deep thought you will understand that it has positive effects on various areas. It helps in improving the number of page views, decreasing the bounce rate and helps you achieve a higher rate of conversion. Several add-on plug-ins are available for browsers like Chrome and Firefox so that developers like you can make the maximum use of it. Test the speed of your web-page and make necessary changes immediately.

  • When URLs are created, you need to keep in mind the customers and the search engines. It is best advised to keep the URLs very close to the root directory. Use hyphens or underscores as separators between numbers and words. There are still a bunch of people who practice navigation using URLs. So, it is vital to keep it simple and clear.

  • If you are posting images make sure to give it a meaningful name. Have you noticed the naming conventions of images taken in mobile phones and digital cameras? For example: It will be like DSC000451 and so on. When you are using such images in your site it is necessary to change the name to something that makes sense to the spider.

  • JQuery is most commonly used in websites as it improves the customer’s experience. If you use Flash or JavaScript, search engines will not be able to view the content. Hence, it is best suggested to include a <noscript> tag to pages that need to be indexed by the search engine. The content has to be tagged between <noscript> and </noscript>.

  • Social Media sites play an important role in every part of the World Wide Web. Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and other social sites on your website is one of the best efforts to increase your visibility. Social networks have to be handled with care and never pass messages that are irrelevant. Supply your customers with widgets and tools so that your content can be easily shared.

It does not matter whether you are developing or hiring a developer to design your website, but all of the above mentioned tricks would do magical things. Aiming at appearing on the first page of the search engine results is no more a dream.

Check Out The Latest 8 SEO Updates To Outshine In 2013

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is such a strategy for Internet marketing which can make or break the image of your business. If you continue to employ age-old SEO tactics, then it’s just impossible to market your website successfully. Staying updated is the key for success in SEO. So, in this new year, you must check out the latest SEO updates to kick start 2013 on a great note.


8 SEO updates that you must not miss out in 2013

Here goes the list of 8 latest updates that may be a great help for you to excel in SEO:

  1. Try guest blogging: In guest blogging you need to publish your articles on other websites and blogs. Through guest blogging you can draw attention of more and more people. Quite obviously the visitors to your website will increase and the traffic will be improved significantly.

  1. Take care of author rank: This is the most recent update from Google. Now, the bloggers will be ranked according to their efficiency and quality. The factors which are checked to judge the competence of the author are knowledge of the industry, domain expertise and active networking. Prepare superior contents and then connect them with your Google+ account through authorship markup. This will help you to get an impressive rank.

  1. Know the humanized ranking system: The time has come for more humanized search experience. Significant search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are taking concrete steps to make search results humanized. So, it’s quite obvious that the despicable black hat SEO techniques will bid adieu now. Apply permitted white hat SEO techniques to survive in this more “human” environment.

  1. Concentrate on content marketing: You need sufficient backlinks for effective Internet marketing. The question may arise how to get maximum backlinks. Well, effective marketing of influential content ensures adequate backlinks. You must publish excellent and informative content on your blogs and websites. This is really effective in earning backlinks.

  1. Exploit social media: The importance of social media in search engine optimization is known to all. In 2013, the influence of social media is expected to grow more as the number of users will increase surely. You must concentrate on developing the appearance of your website in social platform. Through social media you can reach up to the mass and spread the word in your favor.

  1. Check out Panda and Penguin updates: In recent times, Panda and Penguin these 2 updates have created a stir in the world of SEO. These two updates target websites which don’t have enough satisfying content and unfair means of getting backlinks. So you must be careful about these updates. Don’t publish only advertising content on your website. Remember, if the content on your website will not be good in quality, then your chances of getting tracked by Panda update will increase. This is definitely not desirable for you.

  1. Take care of quality and quantity: Quality and quantity both are equally important. Specially, the Panda and Penguin updates make it more essential to maintain quality and quantity simultaneously. Provide sufficient information in your posts. Also keep in mind the quality of your posts.

  2. Improve the mobile search: Browsing through mobile has become a common thing these days and this craze is increasing day by day. It’s better to get accustomed to this trend and concentrate on improving the mobile search option. Focus on improving the mobile friendly content delivery. You must also take care of the presentation, text layout and your post design. In short, you must design your website in a way which is suitable for both mobile and PC searches.

 Follow these updates and shine through perfect search engine optimization.


Benefits of using LSI Keywords for SEO

Latent Semantic Index, more commonly known as LSI is one of the best techniques that anyone can use to get a better search engine ranking. The first question that will strike you when talking about LSI is how they help webmasters get better page ranks. Before we answer that question, let’s under LSI better and let’s start with an example.

Say, your website is into the business of mobile phones and other handheld devices like iPad, iPhone and tablets all falling into the same genre and you would like to be ranked for the keyword phone. Phone, you must remember is a very common word and competition will be of the highest order. In fact getting your site ranked on the top means spending lots of money and resources, but still the benefits will be least, because you are into a special market where you cannot service users’ demands for all phones.


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When visitors come to your site and see the limited range, it will lead to disappointments and eventually you may lose them over a period of time. Therefore, you need to be more specific with what you have to offer, and it should be exact. That is where LSI helps you, because, instead of using a single word, you will be using a group of words that make sense to your product lines. Remember that is also the way users make queries in search engines.
Here are some benefits of using LSI in SEO.

1. Using keyword phrases called LSI will keep you safe from being labeled spam. The reason for that is you don’t have to repeat the same word again and again making your content look like it has been written for SEO. By using other closely related word, you will not only get linked to a plethora of other queries, but you will also be delivering what is there in the LSI keyword.

2. LSIs often use as many as 6 words contiguously in a phrase like form and when you write content, you can rearrange these words keeping in tune with the common ways in which users make search query. By now you must have seen the benefits, it give leeway in writing your articles plus use the same query words many times over and still be not caught for spamming search words.

3. The average time readers spend at your site is an important measure of your websites strength, and if your readers find they find your content readable, chances are they will leave your site just as fast as they come. To keep them interested, you have to come up with acceptable quality to your writing which you can do only if you can combine and recombine a select number of words in many different ways, and that only LSI can do, don’t forget.

4. To keep readers engaged, you must have varieties to your content, and still stick to your chosen topic. Since LSIs are capable of being rearranged in many different ways, with some are all the words in the LSI included, you can get hundreds of different phrases which you can use in many different unique contents, and still keep your readers engaged. That is double advantage for you – you retain your readers, plus you comply with search engine requirements as well.

5. To be well ranked in search engines, your website’s content must keep changing regularly. Static pages find little favor with search engines because they are considered as stale for their readers. Don’t forget that search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others depend upon revenue to keep going and fresh content means more places for them to place advertisements. Although you may not like to hear this, you will have to contend with reality. LSI contents ensure many different ways of saying the same thing in many different ways when one would suffice. It is a mutual benefit to you as well as to search engines that will showcase you to the world.

Expert Tips: SEO for your Tumblr Blog


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 Tumblr is one of those sites that have not been recognized as a medium for SEO. However, this site has the potential to help you optimize your blogs. The blogs that you post on Tumblr are also indexed and ranked by search engines like Google and shown in search results. Many bloggers feel that there’s hardly any place that you can think of optimizing in your Tumblr blog or Tumblog. Let me tell you that you CAN optimize your Tumblogs and bring them as one among the top search results, if you follow the SEO strategies given below. Those who are out there to venture into every territory that will provide you opportunities to optimize your blog might want to read on to know how you can do it.

1. Craft a compelling keyword and include it in the title. Make sure you have a custom URL for each of the posts and incorporate the best keyword in the title. This keyword should be the essence of what your post conveys.

2. While adding pictures or images, Tumblr will pop out a description window. Always provide a crisp and clear description in this window to ensure that the crawlers read your description. Not to mention that the description should be keyword rich.

3. When you link your blog text to external content, provide descriptions for both the content being linked and also the content in the external link. This way, you will be able to insert more keywords than otherwise.

4. Search your theme’s HTML for a meta tag description. If it is not there, add it, and you should check this every time you update your blog. It is advisable to use instead of the {block:PostSummary} because the latter often turns out to be erroneous.

5. If you don’t have a sitemap for your Tumblog, prepare one and send it to Google Webmaster Tools. Your Tumblog is one out of the million others with similar content. Therefore, if you want your content to be indexed automatically, it is best to submit a sitemap so that Google doesn’t fail to index each of your posts.

6. Insert a keyword that best describes your blog in your domain. As every post will have a unique domain, you will have to find the right keyword to be used as the domain. It will be more beneficial if you could keep it short by eliminating unnecessary words and using only those specific words that will help understand what your blog is all about.

7. Under the Posts section, you will be able to add social bookmarking tools. It is essential to add these tools to your Tumblog because it will help your posts travel outside Tumblr and catch on with other social networks.

8. The header in the main page will be the first thing that will be noticed, so, keep it in size H1 and as the visitors click on it and navigate to the blog content, you will have more important things that you will want them to notice. Therefore, keep the header in size H2 in the blog page. The other important things like the subheadings can be set in H1 in the blog page.

9. If you want to provide a link that will take visitors to the first page of the blog, let it be the title rather than something that doesn’t help insert keywords. Therefore, link the title to the main page if you want to provide one.
10. It will be more helpful if you can use keywords in the permalink URL. To enable this, look under the Advanced Settings and enable the Use Descriptive URLs.

Following these will help you optimize your Tumblogs. Also, make sure that you have turned on the option that lets search engines index your Tumblog. These strategies will shoot your Tumblog to the top search results.