google penguin recovery

How to recover your site from google penguin update?

Last week, we covered what is Google Penguin Penalty. This week, we’re going to cover how to recover your site from google penguin update.

Official launch of Google Penguin on 24th April 2012 hit some of the websites very drastically. So after this date if you see that your web traffic has dropped suddenly, then blame Google Penguin Penalty for that. Trouble arises if your website gets hit by Penguin because this straightaway means Google does not like your website.

But need not worry this is not irreparable all you needs is careful and in-depth analysis that why your website was hit by Google Penguin. Next put a lot of hard work and you will be able to recover from the Google Penguin hit. There are few tricks which can be used for getting out of this mess. These techniques will not help you getting back to your original Google Ranking rather it will also keep you well groomed for the future such Google updates.

google penguin recovery

Tips for Google Penguin Recovery

  • Make use of Google Webmaster Tools

    Google Webmaster Tool is an effectual tool which you should start using to get guidance about your website. It helps you in finding the right kind of SEO for your website. It also assists in erasing the sitemap errors.

    Using Google Webmaster also helps in future because you will get messages from Google, regarding any wrong step being taken by you regarding website. All you need is to sign-up and you will get to know about spamming, or cheap backlinks being posted on your website immediately.

  • Avoid keyword Stuffing

    Very high keyword density invites trouble because then you send the signal “Please check me out I have maximum content available”. So if you are stuffing keywords on web content knowingly or unknowingly stop doing it. Stuffing Keywords is basically a black hat tactic and you should avoid doing it by changing the older posts.

  • Utilize Social Media

    Get a Social media page/ pages for your website and mainly on Google+. Encourage the visitors to share the posts on your site and allow them to do so by adding sharing button on the web posts of your website. Socialising earns good credit for your website on Google.

  • Create user friendly web content

    The main reason for imposing Google Penguin penalty is to avoid bad or poor quality web content and to enhance the user experience. This can be done by creating quality web content by following few tips like:

    1. Clear site navigation through clear and visible buttons
    2. Layout should be simple and not confusing
    3. Avoid too many ads clutter on website.
    4. A nice and long intro paragraph with one image for each post is recommended.
    5. Use read-more page-break after every intro paragraph
    6. High bounce rate should be avoided on the webpage.
  • Dispose of Spam Backlinks

    Do not ever think of buying backlinks because Google hates them. The reason being these are automated and cheap backlinks which damage your website more than n doing any good. Link optimization and SEO should be strictly avoided. Automated SEO or the links software are supposed to be very bad for your website so get rid of them.

google penguin recovery

What is Google Penguin Penalty?

Google Penguin Penalty

One of the most rocking and latest update from Google is the ‘Google Penguin Penalty’, which has caused severe destruction. It has acted just like a tsunami for the webmasters. These are algorithm updates from Google called Penguin updates just like the Panda updates. These are highly devastating in the sense they simply leave you just at the edge. However, it is predicted that the magnitude of Google Penguin is not as high as Google Panda. Still Google Penguin Penalty has affected almost 3% of the websites and caused a widespread destruction to the websites.

google penguin penulty

What is Google Penguin Penalty?

It is a well-known fact that Google is the world leader and leads the internet search industry. It has been established as the search industry chief as it owns approximately 66% of the search industry shares.

Google Penguin is another update launched by the Google from its arsenal of weapons which has been elevated in the online world. It was launched on 24th April, 2012. The main motive of encouraging this update was to punish as well as dissuade the spam websites and poor web content.

The main aim of Google Penguin is to penalise the websites which promote spamming on the internet and that is why it is also called ‘Google Penguin Penalty’. The websites which get hit by this penalty depict a demotion in their Google Page ranking.

Reasons for Launching Google Penguin

SEO allows your website to get to the topmost rung in all the search engines, but many a times websites follow shortcuts and use awful quality content and still land higher in rankings. But using SEO tricks the webmasters bring their poor quality WebPages at the top.

In order to curb this practice of the webmasters Google created Penguin Updates. Basically the aim of Google is to filter out all the spam from the web and to endorse quality content.

Effects of Google Penguin

Google Penguin Penalty has both positive as well as negative effects on the websites:

  • The website traffic dips for the sites which get hit by  Penguin Penalty.
  • Sites which have received benefits see rise in their traffic

Reasons for getting affected

There are many reasons why your website might have got hit by Google Penguin. However the exact reasons can be known from the Google insiders only. Some of the apparent reasons which might cause demotion of your Google Page Rank are:

  • Over Optimization

    Over-optimization of websites is being done by people who do not have quality content. This leads to decreased Google ranking.

  • Virus and Malware Presence

    Large number of spam’s, virus or boot scripts also triggers the Google alarm bells.

  • Copied or Replicated or Reproduced Content

    Duplicate web content is strictly prohibited and causes Google Penguin penalty.

  • Very High Density of keywords

    Over stuffing of keywords to gain higher ranking is totally prohibited.

  • Lack of Knowledge and experience on users part

    Inadequate user experience of website is being hit by Google.

  • Soaring Bounce Rate

    The graphics and banners should not overcrowd your website because Google hates it.