Getting More Likes On Instagram Photos

The main goal of posting pictures on Instagram is to get more likes and in turn to have more followers. If you’re just posting for your family and friends then this may not be as big a deal as it is for those who want to market their company on this social media site. There are some things that you can do that will definitely boost your likes and make people want to follow you. Of course you want to have stunning photographs but it takes more than that to keep people coming back and even sharing your photographs on their feeds. Below are some tips for getting more likes on your Instagram photos.

How to Properly Use Hashtags

Using hashtags are a vital part of uploading photographs if you want to get likes on your Instagram accounts. There are many ways to use hashtags but some of the main choices are ways to describe the subject of the picture or the way the photographs are taken. There are also many popular hashtags that can be used. Some may not be able to post any hashtags from their phone so instead they can upload it and then add the hashtags later from their computer. Either way, be careful how many you use because too many is considered overload.

Be a Community Player

There are many different community activities that you can participate in that would get your more followers to like your photographs. You just need to go to the community page so you can find some activities that you want to get involved in. It is also possible to create your own events for others to take part in so they can learn your brand and your products. Most of these events are photo related and that’s the best way to show off your skills with your photography and products in the photos you submit. If you’re running the activity, you can ask your participants to show ways that they are using your products in creative ways.

Offer Your Time to Your Followers

Yes you want to have more likes, followers and shares but you also want to be personable like you would with your friends in real life. You want to have a give and take with your followers on Instagram and you can do this by offering your time. Have some interactions with them and they will be more willing to interact with you too. Just like your real friends, when you start ignoring them they are not as likely to be there for you when you need them. This creates that domino effect you want as they will tell their friends who will also follow you and so on. You can buy likes but it’s just not the same as being genuine and building a solid reputation.

If you want to get more likes on Instagram then you need to properly use your hashtags, join or start community events and finally offer your time to your followers. This may seem overwhelming but when you get the hang of it you’ll find that it’s really not that difficult and doesn’t take much time at all. However, the rewards will be well worth it when you see your likes increase and the amount of followers grow.

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Susan Darling loves Instagram and writing tips and hints to help others learn how to get the most from using it for business or for pleasure. She posts photos of nature scenes and flowers and also has an IG account for her business.

Social Media Mistakes Every Startup Should Avoid


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Social media has proven to be one of the most powerful Internet marketing strategies today. It is a low cost marketing tool and most useful for startups. But your success will depend on how well you use social media for your online marketing. The right method can covert a small local business into a global brand. Mistakes will render the effort worthless. Here are some social media mistakes every startup should avoid along with tips on how to avoid them.

Nebulous plans: A marketing strategy without a plan is impossible to implement. So here are some essential questions you need to answer before implementing them at startup:

  • What are the objectives of your social media marketing? Do they match the company vision?
  • What are the demographics of your buyers? Are they usually found on social networking sites?
  • Which of the social media tools suits your company’s image?
  • Have you identified the core team that is best suited to implement social media techniques for online marketing? They are responsible and accountable for a good launch.
  • How are you going to track the success of your campaign?

Breaking social rules: Social media has some unwritten and unspoken rules. Breaking these rules of etiquette can damage the image of your company. So these are some situations that you can avoid at startup:

  • Don’t get involved in too many social media networks. A long absence from any of them will result in breaking the loop with potential buyers.
  • A campaign that is just “I, Me and Myself” can sometimes be counterproductive. So an occasional mention of complementary or collaborative businesses would be more informative and engage the attention of prospective buyers.
  • Never have a social media marketing campaign that is negative about your competitors or this might have a boomerang effect. They might get curious about their products instead of yours.
  • It is best not to follow a person on Twitter or be friends on Facebook unless you intend maintaining the relationship for a reasonable amount time. Add someone as a friend only because you value the person’s opinion.

Bad timing: Let’s take an example – you are just launching a designer line of Indian ethnic apparel. You want to attract the interest of Indians and others living in the U.S. and U.K. Have you studied the timing at which your potential buyers are logged on, considering the difference in time zones? You can plan, design and time your social media marketing at startup when:

  • You know the timings at which your potential customers are logged on to social media sites,
  • If your target is a particular season, advertise online at least 3-4 months in advance so that customers have time to notice and book orders.

Not tracking success: The amount of online sales themselves is a feedback on your social media marketing techniques when you have just started. But you can also use paid online trackers that provide regular alerts whenever your products and services are mentioned on networks like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. If you don’t know what potential customers are saying, how will you know what improvements are required?

Not knowing your competitors: “Know thy enemy” is a motto that will prove crucial at startup and forever. Keeping abreast of what they are doing, reading comments on their products and services, watching their participation in discussion forums, etc. will help you gauge their strengths and weaknesses so that you can plan an effective social marketing campaign at startup. You can design and modify your products to overcome your competitor’s shortcomings. If potential customers are mentioning some additional services they would like, you can add those in your products at startup and beat the competition.

Social Media in Promoting Your Financial Services

Role of Social Media in Promoting Your Financial Services

Finance plays a key role in daily lives. In today’s generation we need more money to lead luxurious life. But economy is growing quickly and the cost of living is also increasing day by day. Everyone is facing difficulties to manage their house expenses because it difficult to manage living expenses with their budget. Due to this everyone are facing financial problems and looking for other options to earn money.

Social Media in Promoting Your Financial Services

In market there is rising competition and there are many financial organizations like pawn brokers, credit card companies, bank loans, payday loans and so on .These companies offer financial facilities to people at reasonable rate.  Lenders are trying to attract customers to promote the financial facilities and there are looking to advertise their companies on media .Media have become a best platform for promoting about their products and it’s playing an important role in the society.

Using social media promote financial service and it becomes easy to pass the message and let every individual know about financial service and it can be recognized as brand. Before to promote your products on media was expensive but nowadays we can promote our financial services globally at reasonable rates.

  • Facebook: We can promote our financial services on Facebook and it would look really special when we are promoting it on Facebook fan page. Our main aim is promote our financial services on large social network so most of them will share on their profiles if they like our financial services.
  • Email: The other method of promoting about financial services and we think it’s a great tactic to attract customers giving them special offers and including the website in the email  would be more effective. I believe that we can at least attract 4% of customers by sending emails.

Promote videos on you tube: Create a slide show about your financial services by using Animoto .These kind of promoting products is done when we launch products in our organizations.

Online ads: Marketers promote their financial services online by purchasing digital ads and creating a websites for their companies. On internet we can gain more followers like Twitter.

A customer least spends 30 seconds to watch the digital ads. This helps the organization in promoting the products.

Promoting the financial services on social media gets the brand name for the products and attracts customers. By promoting on media we can give all the details of the product clearly. 

Now days most of the people use internet on mobiles so it would really help if our product is coming with application. People love using applications on mobile and make them free application so most of the customers will download the app this would help organization in promoting the financial service.


About the Author:
The guest post was contributed by Jessica, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her finance related blogs @financeport