The How Tos of Social Media Marketing

When you are starting your own business, it is extremely important that your marketing campaign is on point. You want to take time to develop a campaign that you know is going to be effective and engaging. Although this may seem like a daunting task, you may be able to accomplish all of your social media marketing goals in house. By taking the time to work on your social media marketing goals in house, you can ensure that your goals are met without a high cost. Although this may take some time and research, if you are dedicated to the cause, you may find that you are able to develop a successful campaign.


First, you should identify the mediums that make the most sense to use. This process may take more thought than you would think. You are going to want to get in front of the face of your target market. This may mean that you have to use a few different social media mediums to reach the users that you want to reach. In order to figure out what your best strategy is, you are going to want to start by identifying who you need to reach. Your target market should be the people that you believe are going to be most likely to use your product.

After you have identified your target market, you are then going to want to figure out what type of social media they are using and how you can become visible on that medium. Do a lot or research about campaigns that have been successful and campaigns that have not been successful. Although you may find a lot of campaigns that have been successful but see that their budget is way more than yours, take the principles from these campaigns and apply them to your campaign.


Regardless of the medium that you decide to use, it is important that you know how you are going to engage with people through content and through images. The images that you are using need to be original and it is important that you are wise about formatting them so everyone that looks at your ad has access to the image. Taking the time that you can to ensure that every piece of content that you put out is responsive will also ensure that people are able to view the content that you have created on their cell phone.

Your social media marketing campaign should be consistent with the message that you are trying to send through your company. Make sure that you take the time that you need to look through your company’s message and find a way to develop a campaign that runs seamlessly with the message that you want to get out to your users. This may take a few times, but with the right amount of research and with the right amount of time invested you can be sure that your social media marketing is as successful as possible.

Social Media Marketing

Increase traffic with Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing, or SMM, is perhaps the most efficient marketing technique available, provided you have the time for it. Examples of Social Media sites are Facebook and Pinterest that let you interact with others of similar interest.

Forums were a precursor to Social Media, and they still exist, although severely limited when compared to a good social networking site. This does not mean forums are inferior – far from it. However, in a social media site, people frequently appear as themselves as opposed to forum members with avatars and specially created names tailor made to their specific virtual presence. Consequently, knowing your potential customers is never easier than on social media sites.

Social Media Marketing

The main difference between traffic through search engine optimization (SEO) and SMM is that SMM traffic is almost invariably targeted. Conversion rates are, therefore, higher than that of traffic that comes through SEO.

Conversion is visitors turning to customers or buyers. Anyone can visit your site if proper SEO techniques push it to the top of the search engine results, but the person who clicked through may not be looking for quite what you are offering. Or he might want to try other options. This is especially damaging in case of affiliate marketing where the last cookie gets the sale.

Cookie is a simple text file that is dropped to the visitor’s computer by the affiliate network. Cookies may expire in twenty four hours, thirty, sixty or ninety days, or never. This ensures that if the visitor returns to the product site you sent him to within the cookie’s lifetime, the sale will be tracked to you, and you will receive commission. However, if the visitor who came to your site is looking for other options and visits the same product site from someone else’s link, that person’s cookie will drop into the visitor’s computer, and if he buys, you will not get any commission even though you sent him first. This is a tricky situation that can be eliminated through social media marketing.

The concept of pre-selling is invaluable in any marketing. If you have enough social media presence, the visitor that comes to your site and clicks your link will most likely not look for other options. You have already pre-sold him the product through your sheer reputation and the  connection that you formed with him at the social media site.

There is another reason why social media marketing is extremely efficient: advertisement campaigns can be targeted to an extreme degree. Facebook, for example, has paid advertising options. Of the billions of users, you can target the exact customer profile you wish. A site like Quantcast can tell you what kind of people buy a certain product or service. When advertising on Facebook, it is possible to serve the ads to only those that fit the profile. As we have seen, social media profiles frequently present real people, and this factor, if weighed in properly, can make a serious difference to your overall marketing success.