Google Adwords

Cost Efficient Tools and Techniques to Google Adwords

Google Adwords can make your business, or it can leave you at a loss – both figuratively and literally. Like any advertisement, it takes work. Adwords are no different from any other form of advertising, and unless you keep that in mind while writing your copy and managing your campaign, you are in for a lot of wasted effort and money.

 Google Adwords

The first thing to do is understand how Adwords works. People see your ad in a context. If the context is actually relevant to your ad, and if they click through to your site, you have a targeted visitor and a potential customer. If the content has something that speaks of free services and products related to what you are offering for a price, your ad will still appear, but the person clicking on it was looking for free stuff to begin with. You get a wasted click and not any useful traffic.

Fortunately, there is an easy way out of this problem. Google lets you set up negative keywords. You need to do some research to figure out what your negative keywords might be, but ‘free’ definitely comes to the top of anyone’s list. Once you have done this, at least there will no visitor looking for freebies clicking you to bankruptcy!

Find alternate and low cost keywords. Sometimes just a variation of a keyword performs just as well as a high cost one, but you have to look for it. Google’s own keyword listings and tracking tools are good enough for this purpose. `

Geotargeting your ads always helps. Make sure your ads are displayed only to people from geographical locations of your preference and at the correct hours.

Use Google’s tools to track and manage your campaign. Google rewards advertisers with low cost and better positioning if their campaigns are performing well. Weed out the badly performing campaigns and raise your overall score.

In any case, you should be monitoring your ads constantly to understand how effective each keyword is, and where. There are almost invariably some campaigns that get a lot of click through but not much sale. This curiosity arousing keywords must be eliminated or their exposure limited. Setting and forgetting is not the way to go when you are advertising online, because surfing habits are extremely dynamic.

Finally, even though this is not directly related to Adwords, it is of the utmost importance since, without it, you stand to lose even with the most effective campaign ever devised by man. Surfers are impatient people, and a click is perhaps one of the easiest of actions to perform. If, after clicking on your ad, the visitor does not land on a page that fulfils expectations generated by the ad, you will have a lot of dissatisfied traffic eating into your budget. Linking to content that you want to show your visitor will round off your campaign effectively, instead of using the more obvious choice of getting traffic to the home page of your site.